World Christian Church

Thank you for your interest in the World Christian Church! My name is Chief Overseer Marvin S. Cox, Jr and I hope to be your guide in all things pertaining to religion, spirituality, and Christian doctrines. I will preach a good and encouraging word every Sunday at 6:00 PM. Through the week, I will be instructing future ministers in my seminary, Cox Christian College (CCC). The 15$ contribution monthly is for the full ministry. You will have access to the church and can become a member at your discretion. You will also have a future access to the CCC. Cox Christian College is not fully developed at this time.

World Christian Church (WCC) is meant for those who want to attend church but the following conditions exist:

  • You are disabled and cannot physically attend a local church
  • You are a new Christian and you don’t know which church to attend
  • You are interested in becoming a minister within the World Christian Church. The following are available:
    • Senior Pastor
    • Charge Deacon
    • Chief Overseer of Evangelism
    • Seni0r Deacon of Videography
    • Senior Web Developer Deacon
  • You are a new Christian called to the ministry and seek a degree at Cox Christian College

I hope you enjoy our subscriber content and may God bless y0u with a cup that runs over. Finally, stay humble my fellow Christians and douse pride.

Chief Overseer of the World Christian ChurchMarvin S. Cox, Jr., D.D.