Statement of Faith

I have developed this statement concerning my faith over the years, with most being learned by study. This statement of faith is good for both the evangelist ministry and the theological education ministry.

1. Concerning The Word

I believe that the Bible was inerrant in its original form and is all authoritative, divinely inspired and was developed by the nature of Godly revelation and inspiration. The Word is also called the Scripture and the Bible. I am not a KJV only independent fundamentalist baptist. There are reasons that do not need to be addressed here.

2. Concerning God

I believe God is one. There are three distinct and divine persons, known as the Trinity, enveloped in the divine nature of God. The three distinct persons are the Father, who plans all things, the Son, who follows the Father’s plan and the Holy Spirit, who indwells believers on the moment of faith. God is three in One.

3. Concerning Christ

I believe that the Jesus of the Bible is the Christ or Messiah. He is by nature, fully God and fully human. He is known as the Son of God by His being born of a virgin with the Holy Spirit miraculously causing Mary to concieve by God. I believe all his teachings and all biblical teachings on Him. He is the visible image of the invisible God. He laid down His life on the cross for all men to be able to be reconciled to God by faith in Him. He died on the cross and took the keys to hell and the grave. He was raised by God from the dead for the justification of those who have faith in Him.

4. Concerning the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the triune nature of God. He is the Comforter, the Counselor, the One who provides the strength to witness for Christ. He indwells the believer immediately when the believer comes to have faith in Christ. He empowers the believer to live a life that is pleasing to God. The only unforgivable sin is to blaspheme His Holy name and duty.

5. Concerning Mankind

Mankind is hopelessly lost and a slave to sin and death in his earthly (fleshly) nature. The sin of Adam in the garden caused all men to inherit sin. Mankind is in definite need of a Savior. Man, on his own wisdom and plan of life, cannot please God. It is impossible! The only way for man to be saved is by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah of prophecy in the Old Testament. When a man has faith, he is immediately saved for eternity and should be confident of His heavenly home.

6. Concerning Salvation

Salvation is a gift of mercy bestowed only upon believers of Christ. There is no other way to be saved than by Jesus Christ through faith. To be saved means to be justified (declared not guilty) before God, to be reconciled to God after being aliens of the promises of God and hostile to God. Man is redeemed (bought back) by God through Christ’s blood shed on the cross. We were formerly slaves to Satan, living our life in its entirety in bondage to the fear of death and the grave. God has made us a way to come to Him through Jesus Christ, thus anulling death and the fear of death in the believer. The process of sanctification is always ongoing, being built by adherence to the Holy Spirit.

7. Concerning the Church

The church is defined as a body of believers that are both local and corporately together, each church doing as the Spirit instructs them and gifts them. The church is not a man made building, rather the church IS the body of Christ with Christ Himself as the head. The duties of the church are to evangelize, teach, preach, baptize, hold the Lord’s supper, etc (This is not an exhaustive list). The individual members are given gifts by the Holy Spirit to be used to build up faith, hope and love in the church amongst believers.

8. Concerning Satan and Demons

I believe that Satan is a liar and he is the father of lies. Once existing as an angel, Satan rebelled against God and tried to take over His kingdom. Satan and his demonic buddies subsequently were kicked out of heaven onto earth. Since his rejection by God, Satan has done nothing but sabotage mankind by his tricks and schemes because of his jealousy of mankind being God’s special creation. In the end Satan will be swallowed up by hell, which after God’s righteous judgment will be dumpec into the lake of fire, being eternally separated from God. His demons are facing the same judgment.

9. Concerning End Times

I believe that God the Father has set a date and time for the end of all things. He solely knows this. The church, however, will not be a part of the end time wrath but rather will be raptured (or taken up) to its heavenly home with each individual recieving his heavenly inheritance. This will happen after the dead in Christ are raised. The church and only the church will be spared God’s judgment and pursuing wrath. God will deliver hell, Satan and his cohorts of impure spirits into the lake of fire where they will be eternally seperated from God and be in eternal torment.

Please give your faith to Christ today to permanently avoid these catastrophes!