Vision and Ministries

My Vision

To do this [ministry] I volunteer my time and ministry experience to the art of writing and communicating – Marvin Stanley Cox, Jr.

The vision for my ministry is to be involved in both teaching and preaching so as to build up the body of Christ. My ministry works in three areas.

As a Preacher

Throughout the week I consistently work on a message that God has dealt with my heart about. This message can range from 12-20 minutes in length. I preach from a tent and I do revivals. I not only preach the message but write full manuscripts for the help of other much busier pastors.

As A Teacher

Over the years, the good Lord has blessed me with the time to really learn the Bible. I love teaching the Bible. So with every tent service or every revival location, I try to give a half hour to knowledge before I officially begin the revival. Also I am available to speak on my written works wherever invited.

As A Christian Author

Most of my time that I spend in the ministry currently is used for my writing and publishing ministry. Currently, I am writing a book entitled “Essential Christian” which lays a foundation for its readers in doctrine and Bible knowledge. This is a basic Bible knowledge book.

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