Essential Doctrines of Christianity Series

The Essential Doctrines of Christianity Series is a series of articles I have written to help illuminate the most important teachings of the Bible. It is my belief that our solid faith in the Word of God coupled with a dedication to finding the solid truth of the Word of God will conquer the fear of death and the confusion that comes with it. Faith in the truth of the Bible brings about peace, tranquility, and comfort at the thought of physical death, as we know the great hope that has been promised to those of us who believe.

The slogan I use for this site, “Articles to Guide, Build, and Strengthen”, is rooted foundationally in the doctrines researched and written below. I may write in my blog a self-help article about the health benefits of meditation but it will be meditation as prescribed in the Bible. As the slogan says, these theological articles are written to:

  • Guideguide your faith into the truth
  • Buildbuild your knowledge which matures your faith
  • Strengthenstrengthen your character which strengthens your gifts.

This page is laid out with the main subject of the article in headings with a variety of article pages beneath on that subject. As these articles are written, edited, and published they will come available on this page. Bookmark this page and together we will guide, build, and strengthen all of our being using email, comments, and the contact me page.

Theological Article Subjects and Links

I. The Bible

II. God

III. Jesus Christ

IV The Holy Spirit

V. Mankind

VI. Salvation

The Doctrine of Eternal Security (Assurance of Salvation)

VII. Church

VIII. Angels and Demons

IX. The End