Two Absolutes God Wants Us to Know

Our body is the greatest testimony of our humanity, our weakness, our finiteness, the fact that we both have a beginning and an end. Our body and the way our skin ages, how fast our organs start to fail and how quickly our bones become brittle are tell tale signs that inevitably, we will expire….

Four (4) Marks of the Holy Spirit in You

Introduction Poor old Mark! He experienced a life-changing event by ending up in jail for drinking and driving. He decided enough was enough so he sought the Lord to change his ways. Mark wanted to really get to know the Lord, so he picked a church without reading the Word and became subject to their…

Seven Revelations of the True Gospel Message: Preface

You’ve heard it said that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Individual words themselves hold very little power over anything. However, when they are put together in an intelligible fashion, they can hold the power of understanding. When understanding comes in contact with a question of belief in that understanding, the…

Seven Revelations of the True Gospel Message: Overview

Series Overview The Gospel message is not a complicated message. God designed it perfectly this way so that all who come to Him in humility may understand it. To have faith in the Gospel and have a good understanding of what it does plays a huge role in the growth and maturity of the Christian….

What It Means to Be a Sovereign God

Originally posted on Rev. Marvin S. Cox, Jr.:
Introduction “that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us” ( Acts 17:27, ESV) God is God! But He’s not just God as if He existed on some far off…

Essential Bible – 1: Overview

Dedications These blog posts are dedicated to Mr. Don Bowles, who, at age 64, looked at me in all piety and readily admitted he knew nothing about the Bible. With his humble eyes and heart, he asked me to teach him the Bible. I’m sure that these blogs will benefit anyone who just wants to…

What It Means to Be a Sovereign God

God is Sovereign. What does that mean? Here is a readable blog on His sovereignty in creation, providence, and grace. This article will enlighten you on exactly what it means to be sovereign.