So It Has Come To This??

So the world has come to this?!?! If I may rant and still grab your attention doing so, let me explain the happenings of the week. On Wednesday at approximately 10 PM, my vehicle was stolen in Bluefield V.A. which is about 15 miles from where I live. I was asked to go into McDonald's … Continue reading So It Has Come To This??

The Seasons of our Lives

Spring will soon be upon us. This is the time that everything comes back to life, that which was seemingly killed by winter. The time when the fresh smell of cut grass will be filling our lungs, the sound of lawn mowers filling our ears, and the eyes filled with children on every playground, everywhere. … Continue reading The Seasons of our Lives

The Way to Heaven

Time goes by so fast! One day we’re young and we we’re the recipients of birthday parties, Christmas gifts, and Easter egg hunts and the next day we are old, giving our kids the very same things. If yesterday we were young and today we are old, what does tomorrow have in store us? My … Continue reading The Way to Heaven

Seeing God Through the Haze of Panic

According to top psychologists and psychiatrists, repetitive panic attacks, known as Panic Disorder, is the highest anxiety disorder on the charts with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) coming in a tight second. The chart then goes on to name Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other anxiety disorders at the lower level of the anxiety chart. This … Continue reading Seeing God Through the Haze of Panic

The Gospel According to Jane

So I heard it said the other day, that God figures ... that He made a mistake when He created human beings of whom also He gave freewill, which is another mistake made by Him. I quietly listened to the lady that said this give her account of what she thought God did and what … Continue reading The Gospel According to Jane

Now Booking Revivals!! Does Your Church Need? Contact Me.

Revival!! Every church in every denomination (or non-denominational) needs a thorough revival of the saints in God's flock. The word revival indicates the action of reviving. I am a revival evangelist looking to revive the members of your flock and evangelize your surrounding area to help with growth in your church. Pastor, do you feel … Continue reading Now Booking Revivals!! Does Your Church Need? Contact Me.

Four Treasures Found in Hardships

To be extraordinary, we must endure the training of the extraordinary. That means we must endure hardships. This article gives four good things that come out of hardships. Knowing that hardships will come, it is best to understand what is good about the hardship so that you can persevere that time in your life. Perseverance creates mighty extraordinary men and women, seperating themselves from the ordinary.

Lifting the Weight of Adversity

The United States Marine Corps is not known for producing many "quitters" in life. They had an idea in the 90s, when I went to boot camp, that they would tear out the young, irresponsible, undisciplined, boy, and replace him with the matured, responsible, disciplined, man, who's only prayer was to kill someone in war … Continue reading Lifting the Weight of Adversity