A Time for Eternity

First Hello, June 2019! On the 16th day of this month, I'll be 42 years old. For 42 years I have lived on Earth and I have never seen time move so astoundingly fast than right now. It seems like just yesterday champagne was being spewed everywhere, being uncorked in celebration of the new year. … Continue reading A Time for Eternity

Poetically Speaking: I Respect No Man

I The people of this world, who will die with this world, go about their lives trying to gain the respect of each other. This is a terrible battle where no winner can be crowned. Gaining human respect can only be properly received if you place God first in your life and letting your light … Continue reading Poetically Speaking: I Respect No Man

Love Like the Father, Like Children


I think we have all heard the age-old adage, "like father, like son". I visited my brother for the first time in a couple of years the other day and I noticed how much his kids had grown and how much they look like him. I thought to myself about the early years of children … Continue reading Love Like the Father, Like Children

The Soulmate Deception – Imagination vs. Heart

It seems that only when we lose someone we love, we realize just how much we loved them. In the case of death, for us Christian types, we have a great promise from God that we will see them again one day when we pass through the gates of pearl. I heard it once said … Continue reading The Soulmate Deception – Imagination vs. Heart

God’s Great Love Throws Caution to the Wind

I planned a sermon on God’s love that Wednesday evening twelve years ago. Before I started my sermon, I noticed a new couple who sat about midway down the church, on the left side pews.  Just by looking at the couple one could tell that they did not know what to expect that evening.  Their … Continue reading God’s Great Love Throws Caution to the Wind

Never Been This Homesick

Today, I rode to the top of East River Mountain, a mountain that separates West Virginia and Virginia. On the way up, there is a lookout and it is majestically beautiful at night. It reminded me why I love to call West Virginia my earthly home. "Almost Heaven" is the motto this state carries and … Continue reading Never Been This Homesick

The Nature of a River and You

The Nature of A River Have you ever noticed the nature of a river? It seems at peace sometimes and at other times it seems fearlessly angry. When the water is at its deepest, the river finds peace and when we look upon it in its peace, it seems inviting. As the river moves more … Continue reading The Nature of a River and You

Friday’s Good Word: Influencing the World

The Christ Effect

Quote of the Day

April 19, 2019

You’ll never influence the world trying to be like it – Anonymous

Christian Perspective

In what way would you like to better the world? For me, I would like to see the people accept Christ and be saved. In order to have folks accept Christ and be saved, Christians need to be leaders. Peter, Paul, John, all the apostles, were leaders. They had a very important life changing message that needed brought to the ears of the known world. This message, the gospel, would forever both influence and change the entire planet and it started with one leader,Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the hands down most influential leader this planet has ever known, showed us that in order to change the world, we must be willing to risk it all. If we are, indeed, Christians as we profess, this shouldn’t be…

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Faith Watching

Trophies and prizes are won when no one is watching -- Anonymous In the heart of a solid Christian faith, this quote should come as an encouragement, a builder, a soother, and a reminder that God's ultimate reward promised to us is still there, waiting to be grasped in the day of our rapture if … Continue reading Faith Watching

Tears on the Cross: A Personal Testimony

I've rarely cried in my life. I've endured some crippling physical pain without shedding a tear. I've been haunted night after night, day after day by the mental endurance marathon of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and never shed the first tear. I consider crying something kids do. I mean grown men don't cry, right? When … Continue reading Tears on the Cross: A Personal Testimony

Contemplations of the Night

I sat up all night contemplating the calling of God on my life. I think that I am blessed of God just to be elected into salvation, a calling I do not deserve. I know that all of the good I've done in my life doesn't really stack up to a hill of beans before … Continue reading Contemplations of the Night

Sometimes …


Sometimes ... I make the mistake of wishing for more money, a better car, really, a better life. But, what is wrong with the life I now live? What is wrong with what I have already been blessed with? Am I out sleeping under that canopy of clouds and rain coming down out there? I … Continue reading Sometimes …

Thunder on Sunday!

It's 12:03 AM. Often, I find the deep night soothing and relaxing. It's a special time for a lot of us because our mind and body is relaxed and it being early Sunday morning, many of us do not have to get up and fight morning rushes just to go to a job that pimps … Continue reading Thunder on Sunday!

It Is Finished!


I often remember the life of Jesus Christ. How the crowds adored Him when He first came on to the scene of Judea as a new mouth for the Jewish God. Everywhere He went, there were people lined up wanting a Word or a healing. The crowds would actually push upon Him like He was … Continue reading It Is Finished!