Announcement: Friday’s Good Word

I have to admit. Blogging isn't as easy as some make it out to be. Nonetheless, I refuse to give up on my endeavor because I believe I have a word that will help everyone at one time or another. In the same turn, some of your blogs have helped me considerably. If if I … Continue reading Announcement: Friday’s Good Word

4 Questions For the Experienced Christian Blogger

When I first thought of writing a Christian blog, I did not expect that in three months of writing what I think were decent articles, self-helps, sermons, etc, that I would have only 57 followers. I certainly hoped that my blog would prosper way beyond what it has. Well, not only did I hope, I … Continue reading 4 Questions For the Experienced Christian Blogger

Announcement Concerning the Daily Devotional

I have an announcement to make concerning my Daily Devotionals that were daily. I am having a rough time keeping up with the writing of the daily devotional due to circumstances in the ministry. I will not stop the series, however, I will make adjustments to its due dates, the day you will recieve them … Continue reading Announcement Concerning the Daily Devotional