Daily Devotional – 03 Oct. 2018

Scripture: Jn. 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” Observation: The observations one can draw from this famous passage of Scripture are three. First, we can state this truth, God loved this world so much….

Essential Bible – 1: Overview

Dedications These blog posts are dedicated to Mr. Don Bowles, who, at age 64, looked at me in all piety and readily admitted he knew nothing about the Bible. With his humble eyes and heart, he asked me to teach him the Bible. I’m sure that these blogs will benefit anyone who just wants to…

What It Means to Be a Sovereign God

God is Sovereign. What does that mean? Here is a readable blog on His sovereignty in creation, providence, and grace. This article will enlighten you on exactly what it means to be sovereign.

An In-Depth Summary of Titus Chapter 2

This is an in-depth article written in summary of the Letter to Titus Chapter Two. This summary is purposed to serve as a doctrinal and theological commentary to the Bible. Written by Rev. M.S. Cox, Jr., these summaries highlight the essential need-to-know doctrines that make up solid theologies.

An In-Depth Summary of Titus Chapter 1

Introduction Paul introduces himself (1:1) and his office (apostle) and what qualifies him to serve in his office. Paul gives two authorities that are witnesses to his apostleship: The faith of the elect and his knowledge of the truth. This says that the faithful Christians qualified Paul to be an apostle and God, who have…