My name is Marvin Cox

I’m thrilled you stopped by my blog page! This site is a place where you can receive a good inspirational word that will start or mature your faith. They’re several different articles and if you are looking for a specific topic, please check the categories at the bottom of the page. Again, thank you for stopping by and grabbing a word to go and your feedback is always welcome.


This Friday, April 19, 2019 starts a new segment called, “Friday’s Good Word“. This segment takes a popular quote or saying and gives the meaning to it in a Christian perspective. This is not a drawn out, long set of posts. In fact, the segment is purposely written to be as short and as impacting as possible. On Friday the 19th and every Friday following, stop by and give your spiritual life a jump start!

I am still looking for a co-author for this and other works. If you have an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and spiritual creativity, I could use you. Below are the types of articles this site produces:

  • Bible Book Summaries and Outlines
  • Sermons
  • Bible Studies/Sunday School Lessons
  • Theological and Practical Articles
  • Spiritual Poems
  • Christian News
  • & more
  • So if you are a Christian with creativity and enthusiasm, please contact me. No experience necessary!

      3 thoughts on “Home

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        My book / your from the tribe of Dan me to + Ephraim , contact me 225 380 7529. Carres means the I Am is with us ! In a way because I played down or brought be the foundation of the church ! THE LAW of DOCTRINES and PROPHECY’S , order is law of right and wrong if 2+2=4 there must be a law of right ? Right ? Welcome to THE CHURCH ! Die to self if you can your in .


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