Experienced Blogger Help Please!

So I haven’t posted on here for awhile. I don’t exactly know what direction to take with this blog. I was never and will never be in it for any money, but those who seem to be in it for money, do well. I have to say, blogs that are ungodly seem to bring the most followers. This is the spiritual state of the US and maybe around the world, sadly. My father, if he slipped up and said the wrong word to any of us, would immediately look at us sternly and say something like, “don’t you ever say that word!” Then he would get a look that exposed shame on his face. Although not your everyday Christian, my dad had a neat set of morals. We kids saw that and we all keep about the same.

So does the immorality of the world fall on the parents? I would say to a great extent it does. Children without God in their lives become adults without God in their lives. Anyone without God becomes an animal in a sense. They live with no responsibility, no moral obligations, and like animals, they seek to only satisfy self. If children learn this behavior from parents, then obviously they are doomed to repeat it unless God intervenes.

This problem is a problem that will cycle through many generations unless the parents learn from God to teach their children about God. So, at a crossroads is where I stand with this blog. Whether to keep appealing to folks to take up the cross and follow Him who really saves or to abandon this whole thing and try something else. I know some of you experienced bloggers know or at least could give me some advice on this question. I want to shout the Word once again to America, but who will listen? Who will hear? You cannot preach the Word without hearers.

Finally, I did change the name of my blog to “The Christ Effect” from the original name, “Rev. Marvin S. Cox, Jr.” because it is not about Marvin Cox, Jr, it’s about Christ and His effect on those of us who believe in Him. If I continue with this blog, it will not be renamed any further. Thank you for your time and responses.