A Time for Eternity


Hello, June 2019! On the 16th day of this month, I’ll be 42 years old. For 42 years I have lived on Earth and I have never seen time move so astoundingly fast than right now. It seems like just yesterday champagne was being spewed everywhere, being uncorked in celebration of the new year. Now we are almost into summer. Before it seems we can blink an eye, winter will have rolled on into town. Have you ever caught yourself asking the question “where did time go?”


When I was a child, I vividly remember thinking about old age and death. I wanted to live till I was 100 years old. For some odd reason, 100 was the magic number for eternity because I really thought it would take eternity for me to age to that number. I thought I had all the time in the world. This is what kids think and are supposed to think. Now that I’m older I see that even living to 100 is nothing but a speck of sand in time’s mile long beach.


I definitely don’t want to seem melancholy in this article. I want to establish the fact that life is short and the more we age, obviously the shorter it gets. When we only think in terms of the time we have left here and this life being the only life, then yes, a melancholic report will seem to be given. What I am actually getting at is that time itself doesn’t exist in heaven. When we simply put our faith in Christ, we secure a spot in eternity.


The question you need to ask yourself this June 1, 2019 is do I want my life here to be all there is to my existence? Folks, would you like to live again and that life eternal? Put your faith in Jesus Christ! God promises eternal life where time doesn’t exist to those who put their trust in him. Solomon in all his wisdom, knew all about time and at the end of his, he struggled with the idea of death. This doesn’t have to be so. Remember Christ saves. He shed enough perfect blood to cover all people of all ages backward and forward if they would just come to Him. Why don’t you come?