Poetically Speaking: I Respect No Man


The people of this world, who will die with this world, go about their lives trying to gain the respect of each other. This is a terrible battle where no winner can be crowned. Gaining human respect can only be properly received if you place God first in your life and letting your light shine, you lead others to Christ. This article is a creed that I keep no matter what respect or disrespect I may receive from abiding by it. I want God to be the center of my life, thus, it is Him I will please and the honors mortal men give and receive of each other will not affect me one way or another. This article is written in a poetic educational fashion.


Without the respect of any human being … I shall continue to march with my Christ and my God, even to the end. Yes, God has started a work in me and if you believe on Jesus Christ, He has started a work in you. God never starts anything He doesn’t finish. He is perfect in all His Word and those who belong to Him can never be loosed from His hand. If I belong to God and He is who I seek to please then human respect has little to no power over me.


Without the respect of any human being … I shall continue in the ministry He gave me, the saving of souls by the pure blood of Christ. While I may never occupy the “prestigious” pulpits in America, my ministry is going exactly where God wants it too; into the hearts and souls of mankind. While some think their standing with God is more favorable because of prestige, I know that we are all children of God and we all have the same destiny. God doesn’t respect one man over the other; therefore, neither do I.


Without the respect of any human being … I will continue to progress toward holiness, as God has directed. We are all saved by faith in His blood alone. No, we are not required to be perfect, but yes, we are asked to follow the Holy Spirit and put away the deeds of the flesh. I don’t want to talk and walk like any one of the flesh, no matter how much respect can be earned. I want to talk and walk like my Savior. He was holy; therefore, so will I set my goals toward His way of holiness.


The proper conclusion to this article is that my decision to see all men equal is not of hate, but of love. Love for God and love for my fellow man. I do not look down on the drug addict no more than I look up to the president. Fact is, we are all weak in at least one given area and that one weakness, without Christ, will eternally separate us from God. We are all sinners. Who am I that I respect one sinner over another. He that deserves my respect, and that fearfully, is Jesus Christ. Man cannot replace God in any venue. Let me end this piece by saying, I love God and I love you. I do not place anyone above another because I love God first.

-Rev. Marv