The Soulmate Deception – Imagination vs. Heart

It seems that only when we lose someone we love, we realize just how much we loved them. In the case of death, for us Christian types, we have a great promise from God that we will see them again one day when we pass through the gates of pearl. I heard it once said that “it is almost like they have died” when a loving couple goes through a permanent break-up. Whether a divorce or a dissolved relationship, breaking up with someone you love with the thought of never being with them again is like they have died. The emotional, mental, and psychological parts of human health suffer just as much.

The imagination is foolish when it comes to defining love.  In our mind, we create mental pictures of that someone we refer to as a soulmate who is willing to go that extra mile for our well-being in every possible circumstance.  We see images of a love that is tried, true, honest, loyal and suits our specific characters.  These images are then used by the imagination to judge that current one who isn’t everything you had seen.  When compared to our imagination, our current significant other doesn’t stand a chance.  We use these images to find every flaw within them. Is that the correct way to think?

Using God as our prime role model of love we can come close to an answer to that question.  God loved every human being regardless of their past or present offences toward Him.  Christ was sent to save the entire world; that is every human created or born from beginning to end.  He set the standard for loving those who didn’t even recognize Him.  This true love of His sets the standard for real and honest love of a significant other.  So to answer our question of whether we should measure our husband, wife, etc. to an imaginative soulmate we have imagined we really need to look at God’s example.  Firstly, there is no one who is perfect.  I am very inclined to believe their is no one who is perfect for another one.  We all make big mistakes in relationships.  Forgiveness in accordance with God’s forgiveness is a showing of love truly.  Loving someone so much we would give our lives for them is love truly.  All you need to have a healthy relationship is true forgiveness and true love working on both parties.  The imagined soulmate becomes the one who we are with if we practice these things.

Feeling like your significant other has completely died because of break-up is a feeling no one wants.  Measure someone’s worth off of the size of their heart not the size of your imagination.  Forgive as God does, truly and immeasurably and love as He loved us with the willingness to give our very breath to save that one we profess we love.  Make it your goal to do these things and your relationship will flourish.  Ignore them and death is just around the corner.

Rev. Marv

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