Never Been This Homesick

Today, I rode to the top of East River Mountain, a mountain that separates West Virginia and Virginia. On the way up, there is a lookout and it is majestically beautiful at night. It reminded me why I love to call West Virginia my earthly home.

“Almost Heaven” is the motto this state carries and for many of us Mountaineers, we see it in that light. Imagine your state or area having beautiful rivers, lakes, valleys, creeks, and caves, all of which exist because of the mountains. Much pride comes from this state that is “Almost Heaven” and much peace is found here.

While, to us Mountaineers and a few outsiders, we hold great pride in the lay of our land between the state lines and while we think it to be almost heaven, it falls well short of what heaven will be like. The Bible reminds us that no ear has heard or eye has seen what God has in store for those who love Him.

This place has happiness and beauty beyond the scope of human reasoning and thinking. Ultimately, this place, heaven, is our true home. Christians are on Earth but a short time and our purpose is to play a big part in getting others to heaven. All though we are in this world, we are not from it. Our mind, if Spirit led, is a stranger to this world and the people of this world are strangers to us. We long for our heavenly home!

So, good ole West Virginia, the beautiful “Almost Heaven” state is my earthly home. When I’m away from it any length of time, I begin to crave it. I begin to be homesick. This homesickness is only a mind matter, being overcome by so many who have left their West Virginia homes for bigger and better and started new homes in new places. The homesickness I feel for heaven will not subside until I go and set my feet upon its golden surface. Everyday makes me think of it and long for it and everybody in it. Everyday on Earth is exhausting. Everyday in heaven, we shall be refreshed, renewed with happiness, regenerated by the Light that is the Lamb. I have felt the lonely chill of homesickness here for my earthly home but, of a truth, when I think of heaven, Jesus, and my family who has passed on, I have never been this homesick before!

~Rev. Marv