The Nature of a River and You

The Nature of A River

Have you ever noticed the nature of a river? It seems at peace sometimes and at other times it seems fearlessly angry. When the water is at its deepest, the river finds peace and when we look upon it in its peace, it seems inviting. As the river moves more closely to a shallow area that is in its way, it starts to speed up, becoming more and more angry with each inch it passes over. Finally, when the rocks have impeded the progress of the river in the shallowest area, the river looks wild, untamed, fierce, powerful and uninviting. The true nature of a river is to either bury what is in its way, cut through it, or remove it from its path altogether until it can find peace in its depth once again.

The Prayerful Waters and Peace

A river, if given the time, will eventually be at peace being deep all over because of the persistence of its powerful waters. This must be our attitude toward prayer. If we think of ourselves as a river, our prayer as its waters, and rocks as sin, wrongdoing, and obstructions in our peace we seek so greatly in this earthly life, we must let the waters of prayfulness flow persistently. Even in times of being deep, we are ever moving, building up force for the rough areas ahead. If we are as persistent as a river, we will eventually, as it will, find deep peace with the rocks of adversity gone or buried beneath us. In all things, pray, pray, pray! Do not let up, do not give in, and our mighty God, through His Son Jesus Christ, will remove those stones which steal our peace and peace will envelop us like the deep waters of a river.

~Rev. Marv