Friday’s Good Word: Influencing the World

Quote of the Day

April 19, 2019

You’ll never influence the world trying to be like it – Anonymous

Christian Perspective

In what way would you like to better the world? For me, I would like to see the people accept Christ and be saved. In order to have folks accept Christ and be saved, Christians need to be leaders. Peter, Paul, John, all the apostles, were leaders. They had a very important life changing message that needed brought to the ears of the known world. This message, the gospel, would forever both influence and change the entire planet and it started with one leader, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the hands down most influential leader this planet has ever known, showed us that in order to change the world, we must be willing to risk it all. If we are, indeed, Christians as we profess, this shouldn’t be hard since we believe in an everlasting life beyond this one where we are given heaven as our home with nothing corrupted, nothing faded, and without the first tear to be shed in anguish. How important is your salvation to you? How important would it be to someone who had never known the gospel, but was just saved by it? We can never place a worth on that.

Let Us Apply This Quote to This Day

The “Christ Ones” or those belonging to Christ, a.k.a Christians, should influence the world by showing that they don’t belong to it. Take these two facts in consideration, always:

  • First, Christ was not from earth. He visited and ascended to His original home. His home is heaven.
  • Secondly, though you were born here, you are not from here because you believe in Christ, making you born again, and your home is with Him in heaven.

If we believe these two facts, why do we live as followers of fleshly people whose main concern is to influence this world only? By now, we should’ve been leading into heaven those we idolize and follow here on earth. We influence the world, not as individuals, but a part of something much more majestic and beautiful; the Body of Christ. Therefore, let Him become our sole influence and let us change the world through the message of the gospel, showing the people of this dark world that they need not stumble around in the dark with the fear of eternal death. Let your Christianity lead them to the Light that is Christ and eternal life with Him.

~Rev. Marv

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