Announcement: Friday’s Good Word

I have to admit. Blogging isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. Nonetheless, I refuse to give up on my endeavor because I believe I have a word that will help everyone at one time or another. In the same turn, some of your blogs have helped me considerably. If if I want to know how to cook healthy, I just refer myself to BeautyBeyondBones. There, she gives us recipes for dynamic foods and inspiration for those suffering with anorexia.

The same as she keeps her blog because something useful is being written that is useful to many folks, I too, must continue because salvation is not a joke and this blog may find it to the one who needs saved, and knows it. With that said, I am going to try writing a new segment on Friday. On Friday’s you can expect a quote and its explanation from a Christian point of view. This is Friday’s Good Word. I hope you can find it in your heart to like and share these quotes and explanations so that somebody you may know needing, can recieve.

Thank you

~Rev. Marv