Faith Watching

Trophies and prizes are won when no one is watching — Anonymous

In the heart of a solid Christian faith, this quote should come as an encouragement, a builder, a soother, and a reminder that God’s ultimate reward promised to us is still there, waiting to be grasped in the day of our rapture if we could just hold tight in our faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The trophy: An Everlasting Crown. The prize: Everlasting Life.

Because, when no one was watching, we found the hardest struggles. While no one was watching, we felt the most lonely. While no one was watching, we exercised the most faith in tribulation. While no one is watching, we win the trophy and the prize if we compete to the best of our ability, because when we thought no one was watching, there was always Someone watching.

Fight as though you are not just beating air. Fight to win!