A Darwin Like Invitation to Eternal Life

Charles Darwin, the idol of atheists, while on his death bed, said, “Bring me the book”. His assistant, who stood by his side for years, thought he was talking about Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species. Darwin said to his assistant, “No, bring me the book”. The assistant, bewildered, asked Darwin, “Which book?” Darwin, with his life just short of death, said to his assistant, “Bring me the Bible”. What he read and did remains a mystery.

The above is written in view of a few witnesses who struggled with the idea of Darwin wanting the Bible while dying. Did fear of the Reaper snatch him into the reality of creation and a great white throne judgment? Did Darwin get saved just before death overshadowed him? Or, did he mock faith in Christ one more time? Only God knows the answers.

There is a God! There is a Savior! The book of Romans, Chapter 1, tells us that all people know there is a God but some simply refuse to acknowledge Him. In the back of the minds of atheists lies questions without answers. These questions are ignored so that they can live animalistic, a life without responsibility or accountability. But what happens when the atheist lies in the wake of death? The questions they spent their life ignoring surfaces and they become tormented with the way they have lived their lives. The question that haunts them the most, “Is there a God and will He judge me and hold me accountable for all I’ve done?”. That question will shortly be answered.

If you are an unbeliever, I highly suggest you try to answer this question long before the time it comes most important. If you are saved by God’s grace through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, then you will never die. Christ said in the Gospel of John that, “those who believe in Me shall not taste death, but they will pass from this life to the next”. If we believe these words then the death bed becomes the bed of life. If we do not believe in Christ, the death bed remains the bed of the dead, those who will be separated from God, eternally.

I pray that you know Jesus Christ. I pray you muster every muscle required to steadily have and keep the faith that saves you from yourself. It is written that, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”! If this rings true, all will face God and kneel before His judgment seat. What do you want to hear? The wrathful breath of God telling you that you shall see Him and your loved ones no more, forever. Or, shall you stand in the shadow of Jesus Christ and hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful son, you may pass through the gates of Pearl and gather with those you love.” The choice is yours. Charles Darwin, the great author and philosopher, was faced with the question that would give him eternal life. What did he do? He turned to the Holy Bible. The question that remains unanswered is did he have the time, strength, and will to put away his life’s work and muster enough faith to pass on to eternal life? We will not know the answer until we pass on to eternal life.

Will you today, address the question of God’s existence and turn to the Bible as Charles Darwin did? Or will you ignore it, throw it to the back of your consciousness, and gamble with the chance that you might or might not have the death bed time to get your final answer on God. Not everyone gets the chance to die on a bed with the time to acknowledge God. What is your answer. Mine remains, “Today is the day of my salvation because I held on to the faith that gives me eternal life!”

Thank you God in your Son, Jesus Christ!

Choose Christ!!

~Rev. Marv