The Paths Around Me

A Christian Spiritual Poem

Marvin S. Cox, Jr.

Once …

My flesh was as good as dust
My mind was feeble and weak
I was lost in the darkness of this world
With no hope in the life I keep

I had wondered through the darkest hills
I stumbled along the way
I had no aim, no point, no light, no peace
And no hope in the Light of Day

I fell to the ground, so weak, so frail
Not one ounce of strength was left
Then I felt a presence flow over me
I felt the heat of that presence’s breath

Son, Son, I heard the Presence say
Follow me, for I know the way
You will stumble no more if you can say
I have faith in You and I give my soul to save

I opened my eyes expecting the dark
But a bright light is all I saw
It illuminated the paths around me
And I have stumbled in darkness no more