Sometimes …

Sometimes … I make the mistake of wishing for more money, a better car, really, a better life. But, what is wrong with the life I now live? What is wrong with what I have already been blessed with? Am I out sleeping under that canopy of clouds and rain coming down out there? I am not. I have a bed, electricity, food, even a television to watch. In this I rest, blessed!

Sometimes … I dream of living another life, a life that wouldn’t confine me to having to live by a certain code of ethics. A life that doesn’t have me up all the time, wondering when God is going to come through with this week’s message. But, what is wrong with living as a preacher? What is wrong with preaching what I am convicted is true to those who truly just don’t know? What is wrong with working one of the most important jobs on the planet? Nothing! Preaching has warmed my heart when I thought it had become cold and desolate. Preaching has taken me places only few have seen. Preaching has pleased and suited me more than any other job I have ever worked. In this I rest, blessed!

Sometimes … I wonder what it would be like to be famous. To live with a certain prestige. To live as if I were royalty everywhere I went. To have fans whose knees shake just on the sight of me. But, then I see my life, my lowly and humble life, made up of regular people; regular people I love. These people I feel I could not live the same without. These people are the ones I love and the ones who truly love me! They are my fans! In this, I rest blessed!

We could dream up just about anything that would overall make us happier. If this weren’t so, then I would be that and O how I wish I was that! Is there a possibility that we could just settle and be happy with what we are? With what God gave us to work with? The chances are 100%, for it is all just a frame of mind. That key to having that frame of mind is just a simple act of counting our blessings. Once we have ritually done so, we can all say, in this I rest, blessed!