Thunder on Sunday!

It’s 12:03 AM. Often, I find the deep night soothing and relaxing.

It’s a special time for a lot of us because our mind and body is relaxed and it being early Sunday morning, many of us do not have to get up and fight morning rushes just to go to a job that pimps out our hard work and dedicated hustle for pennies on the dollar. Tomorrow, my friends and associates, is the Lord’s day.

We dedicate Sunday to the Lord because that’s when Jesus arose from His sleep,

having settled our sin debt and having ripped the keys to hell and the grave from Satan’s wicked palms. We dedicate Sunday to the Lord because that’s when the God/Man couldn’t be held under the curse of sin (death) because He had done no sin. We dedicate Sunday to the Lord as a new awakening for a new week with all sin previously done in the prior weeks being washed away by His blood. Sunday is dedicated to Him because of His righteousness which clothes our souls and His crown placed atop our undeserving heads.

Let us remember this always!

These reasons along with many others are why we wake up every day with a new start. We assemble ourselves so we can be one voice in praise, worship, dedication, and learning. One voice to God like the thunder of a thousand voices praying and worshipping with the same heart and voice. A voice so loud, every demon upon the earth is forever shaken! Oh, how this voice must please God. Let us all raise our hands in the common unity that is in Christ this day.

Father, Father, in Jesus we see


You are our Strength when we are weak, Our Mouths when we can’t speak, Our Savior from the bleak, Our Rescuer from the deep.

In Your ways You’re divine, In Your heart, the Most Kind, In redemption You save the blind, All our cares are left behind.


2 thoughts on “Thunder on Sunday!

  1. I done something wrong with the last message I was trying to get to you I wanted to say!I can understand that reading ok God word now that you have broken it down for me and that’s what me and others had problems with so you don’t know what that means that me !thank you

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    1. If we open our Bibles to read it like a normal book, we will fail to get its central message. The Bible must be studied, like an encyclopedia of truth that can utterly change the world. That said, the Bible has many stories, but it is not a story book, it has many principles, but it is not a rule book, it has many poems, but it is not a songbook. Each passage must be interpreted so that we can understand what God and the original author got together and decided what words would be in there. We do this to the best of our ability. If you have problems with understanding a passage break it down into small statements of truth and you will gain an understanding. My brother, thank you for the comment.


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