So It Has Come To This??

So the world has come to this?!?!

If I may rant and still grab your attention doing so, let me explain the happenings of the week. On Wednesday at approximately 10 PM, my vehicle was stolen in Bluefield V.A. which is about 15 miles from where I live. I was asked to go into McDonald’s to buy two Dr. Peppers for the so-called friends I was naively carrying about who was supposedly getting parts for their truck. While in the restaurant, the “friends” decided they had no need for a broke down truck when they saw my gullibility in leaving the keys in the ignition. As if it were an average day at the office, the female friend slides over into the driver’s seat, turns the key, and pulls off nonchalantly as I am filling up their drink order.

Now, at this point, you may think my rant is about car thieves or thieves in general, but …

So I walk out with the two drinks in my hand looking in the direction of the parking spot that my vehicle had previously occupied and of course, no black 2003 Lincoln Navigator to behold. No “friends” in sight. I just stand there, without any outward sign of the abstract anger pumping through my veins at mach speed. I began to walk slowly back into the restaurant, with my eyes staring straight to the ground, as if I had been defeated, held to a no-hitter, or shut out before fans at a home-coming football game.

Then it hit me … My wallet and cell phone were both in the console. I picked my eyes up off the pavement and hurried back into the store. Without a phone to call the police, it was time to rely on the good samaritans of the world in reporting this crime.

Without further ado, let me now announce the meat of my rant!

The people of Bluefield VA in the McDonald’s near Walmart at or around 10 PM saw fit that they would be far better off if I didn’t use their cellular gadget for any reason, especially reporting my vehicle stolen. I asked a group of 20 somethins if I could use any one of their phones to call the police, and I got nothing. You are reading it right, I GOT NOTHING! They just stared at me as if I had committed a crime far above that of a stolen vehicle by asking if I could use their phone to call 911. Not a “we are to busy stuffing our face to worry about you”, not a “why are you talking to us”, not even a “f*** you buddy”! Just a blank stare.

After that very awkward and embarrassing moment, I made my way to what seemed to be a family outing in the back. I proceeded to ask the nearest family member to my position if a 911 call was possible, a boy of about 16 or 17 years of age who was obviously playing a video game on his phone given the music and the frantic way his thumbs were slamming the screen. The boy kept on with his game and the mother spoke up sternly saying, “You can’t use his phone”! I said, “Ok, can I use yours then? My vehicle was just stolen and I need to report it to the police.” I then told her why I was asking for the use of her phone, saying, “My cell phone was on the dash of my vehicle”. What was her response, you may ask. Or you may have guessed. Her response, and I give her all the credit she deserves for verbally answering my question rather than stare at me as if I just murdered someone, was a big and quite fat NO.


Finally, a gentleman in the very back of the restaurant said that I could use his. I made the call, and here we are.

So the world has absolutely come to this? If you’re in an emergency situation, without a cell phone that belongs to you, refrain from asking anyone for the use of theirs. What is this type of attitude? I never would’ve dreamed old fashioned, simple common courtesy would fade completely away with some people. Is it the fact that they are scared to lend you a phone because they might become a victim of a stolen cell phone? Or is it that they are just that rude and in constant need of a polishing of their brass hearts?

In closing this rant, I would like to say that trust in the goodness of your fellow human being is like a horrible clothing fad, its going out so fast. Yes, they’re thieves. Yes, you may become a victim of a phone or similar theft by helping someone. This world, however, is not all about you and your belongings and those of you who know God’s Word on the matter, should know this especially. We are to serve each other, lifting our brother and sister up before ourselves. No, those folks in McDonald’s did not know I was a Christian. But would that have changed the outcome had I announced it? Hardly! May have made it worse. We need to get back to the basics of what seperates human beings from the rest of the animals of the world. Our ability to love, care, nurture, be empathetic and sympathetic, our ability to put ourselves in another man’s shoes for just a moment. These are what makes humans, humans. Let us embrace our humanity in this way, Christians, because God is a rewarder of those of us who know to do good and do it. He is, on the other hand, not very happy with those of us who have the ability to help our fellow man but withhold our goodness for the sake of losing something. I showed my kindness by giving these friends a ride. They stole my vehicle. Oh well, that is not going to change my will to do good for you, if possible.