The Way to Heaven

Time goes by so fast! One day we’re young and we we’re the recipients of birthday parties, Christmas gifts, and Easter egg hunts and the next day we are old, giving our kids the very same things. If yesterday we were young and today we are old, what does tomorrow have in store us? My daddy was so right when he told me that time would pass by much faster when I got older. Boy, was he right?!?!

The year is 2019 and we are entering the month of February. I look at vehicles that are from 2003 and still think they are semi-new although 2003 was 16 years ago. Crazy!! I’m 41 years old and I think exactly the way my father did when he was 41. In 1995, the year I graduated high school, a vehicle that was 16 years old was a 1979 model. Dad thought the 1977 year model F-150 he bought for me was relatively new. I just thought he was ancient. Now, I’ve become his true predeccessor, carrying the name and all with my 2003 Lincoln Navigator.

So what exactly am I getting at here? Well, being a human being, I only have a limited life span. Yesterday I was 18, today I’m 41, and tomorrow, 72. Nothing can stop time while we are here on earth. Everything we see is temporal and nothing eternal. Even the planet we walk on has an expiration date. While we are young, we worry about what is new and what is the latest so we can what? Look good to the world of course! When we get older, however, other things become important. Like salvation.

There is no day like today. There was no days like the days of youth. Tomorrow we are old. So let us all look to what is not temporal and passing away in a linear movement with a beginning and an end. Let us all look to those things that are eternal and permanently fixed with movement in an everlasting circular motion. Here we die. There is no getting out of it. There, on the contrary, we live and that forever.

That place is called Heaven. God’s Throne! A place where the streets are gold, the walls are precious gems, and everyone has 1000 cattle on a thousand hills. A place that is forever happy with no tears ever to be shed. How do we get there?

Accept Jesus Christ today, and He shall show you the way!

~Rev. Marv

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  1. Rev Cox thanks for your post on Christian faith and God’s word !I’m exceedingly glad to have you as a personal friend and brother !I’ve learned a lot from this topic from your post and I hope that I will be blessed with the bountiful teachings of God from your post and personal time spent with me!I’m sure if all my other friends hear your scripture post they will find that you are completely Wright and will want to follow the post you are posting! I’m sure glad that I have had the chance to meet you and know that in time you will have educated me enough to be a tool that can be used for fixing someone’s life!


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