Ten Reasons I Love God

God is so great to me! The thought of who He is puts me in a peaceful awe, almost as if my jaw is dropped but I still have a smile on my face. Very rarely do I get mental pictures of Him that are biblically accurate. I imagine I’m not the only one with this problem. Human beings cannot correctly put together a picture of God because we cannot understand fully anything we cannot see. We may not be able to see Him, but for those of us who know He exists, remember this; He is not far from where you are and He is consistently searching your heart to see what you are made of.

We are greatly blessed to know a few really solid things about God. One of those things is that He has infinite love. His love does not only extend to those of us who believe in Him, it extends to non-believers as well. When we consider the fact that God knows how many hairs are on our head and every breath we breathe is under His permission, we can fully say that all of us are under a certain amount of God’s grace. God’s grace on mankind is fueled by His love for His unique creation.

With the God’s love spoken of above tied up in facts, let me share a the top ten reasons I love Him. These reasons are ot in order, they are universally equal in importance.

  • He first loved me! (Shown by Christ’s passion on the cross)
  • He allowed me to choose Him (He gave me freewill)
  • He blessed me to live and maintains my life (His common grace bestowed upon all men and women who have or will live)
  • He chose me to come to Him (His election by His unlimited foreknowledge)
  • He showed me the only way to salvation (His special grace bestowed on those who earnestly seek salvation)
  • He declared me righteous when I’m a sinner (He justified me by imputing Christ’s perfection upon me)
  • He never gives up on molding me (He gave me His Holy Spirit who continues and never ceases to sanctify me)
  • He is the ultimate definition of perfect (He showed me by His standard what righteousness truly is)
  • He made me His son by adopting me when I was an orphan (He gave me rights to His kingdom, to live in it, to be truly happy in it, to embrace all of it eternally)
  • Did I mention, He loved me first!! (He struck down His only Son so that I would not be struck down)
These reasons that I love God are reasons everyone should love God and hold Him the highest of our priorities. We cannot neglect Him. We cannot put other issues and people before Him. We cannot ignore Him. He called us because He loves us. What are some reasons you love Him?