The Gospel According to Jane

So I heard it said the other day, that God figures … that He made a mistake when He created human beings of whom also He gave freewill, which is another mistake made by Him. I quietly listened to the lady that said this give her account of what she thought God did and what He did it for in the beginning. The lady, well, we will just call her Jane, said that God made man in the thought that man would choose a relationship with Him for eternity rather than choosing to sin. Is it true that God made a mistake with the creation of human beings?

I listened to Jane a little more tell the small group … of listeners that after God realized He made a mistake with the creation of human beings, He gave us the 10 commandments to follow. The 10 commamdments were something we were supposed to adhere to without any straying. Jane then mentioned that we were a mistake, again, and that we grieved God because we couldn’t follow those commandments in perfection.

I grabbed my little, gray, swiveling stool and moved … a little closer to try to, just maybe, get a word with Jane about the things she was stating. These things that she was saying was to teach her boyfriend, who seemed as though he might have had a learning disability by the way he presented himself. She then came to Jesus, and she began to teach her boyfriend that Jesus came to earth to save human beings and to correct the mistake that God had made by creating us. This was to give mankind an avenue by which we could be saved, and then we would be brought into the church, which she called God’s people. Jesus, she said, was not God, and that you were not supposed to worship Him as God because God would do more than frown upon your Jesus worship if you did. I am glad I read my Bible!

Folks, it is a MUST that we READ OUR BIBLES !!! Listening to Jane tell Jane’s version of the gospel to her boyfriend who is what the Bible would refer to as “simple”, reminded me just how important it is to have a solid theological background. All that means is that I consistently read and study my bible and I know Scripture’s core doctrines. So, what exactly was wrong with Jane’s teachings? I’ll leave that question for you to comment. I will give you the answers some time this week. God bless you all!


2 thoughts on “The Gospel According to Jane

  1. Well if you look around at our surrounding everything ties together somewhere , our father didn’t make mistakes , it was very well planned , as far as free will , what’s love if your being forced into it, that’s not love that’s a slave, he didn’t want slaves , he wanted children that wants to love him ,so free will was not a mistake , it’s a geasture of love , true and no restrictions love

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    1. Very Nice! Human beings are not enslaved to God to do anything for Him (as if He needed anything from us to live). But free will had to be thrown in the equation for love to even be considered love. Thanks Mike


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