4 Questions For the Experienced Christian Blogger

When I first thought of writing a Christian blog, I did not expect that in three months of writing what I think were decent articles, self-helps, sermons, etc, that I would have only 57 followers. I certainly hoped that my blog would prosper way beyond what it has. Well, not only did I hope, I made the mistake of expecting. What I have failed to include in my hopes and expectations is that not everyone is a Christian. In fact, there are some who resent our faith. That said, my question to the experienced Christian blogger is how do I write in order to save the lost?

This last month, December, has definitely been an in and out kind of month for this blog. It seemed that I was fighting every obstacle just to get one article written, edited, and published. I moved and lost WiFi for awhile and had to use the hotspot on my phone. My phone was then stolen and I had no access to the internet at all for about two weeks. By the time that I gained internet access, my mind was a complete frazzle and it was like I was starting all over again. So here’s the question; How do I overcome mental blocks in my article writing and Christian topic selection?

Everything I wanted to write about became too lengthy. It seemed as though I would sit down to write no more than a 500 word educational devotional and would end up with an essay of 1500-2000 words. So two questions here. First, since we as Christians know that everything in the Bible is pertinent and every Word true, how do I mentally limit my writings to a readable word count with the feeling of having so much information that needs to be communicated? Secondly, what is a readable blog word count?

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  1. Knowing that most people have a short attention span and get bored easily, I usually only fill half a page. I write what is essential and leave out the rambling. As Christians we need only to plant a seed at a time. Sometimes we think the more we say the more people will learn something. I have found that it’s usually the other way around. If we are men/women of a few words, people listen. I usually get to the point and not deviate from it.

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