Now Booking Revivals!! Does Your Church Need? Contact Me.

Revival!! Every church in every denomination (or non-denominational) needs a thorough revival of the saints in God’s flock. The word revival indicates the action of reviving. I am a revival evangelist looking to revive the members of your flock and evangelize your surrounding area to help with growth in your church. Pastor, do you feel as though your church has somewhat stagnated? Are your attendance numbers falling from week to week? Would you like growth in your church? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then it may be time for a revival.

Revival Evangelist. Marvin S. Cox, Jr.

Shortly About Me and My Beliefs

So now you probably want to know something about me and my beliefs. You will find that at the end of this blog article is my short autobiography. On this site is my statement of faith which contains my simple beliefs. Please look at those to gain a sense of who I am and what made me,

Looking For A Chance to Serve

I am looking for a chance to serve you and your neighborhood. I am not very experienced in revivals, as you can tell from my bio. Nonetheless, I must do this because God had put it in my heart, and the calling, to this day from August 2009, will not cease. Therefore, I must answer His call and answer it cheerfully.

My Mission and Goals

My mission statement is concise and clear. My mission is to bring revival to the United States and help Pastors with growth in their respective churches. That said, I need to start with goals and meet them on time. Here are a few goals to start with.

  • I will be preaching on a new unamed podcast
  • I will serve the Charleston Community with a radio broadcast.
  • I plan to market my messages, not for my glory, but for His glory.
  • I will visit every church that I run up on and get with the leadership if possible to have a meeting about a revival.
  • I plan to evangelize each church neighborhood that I can in the old fashioned way, door to door.

These are a few start-up goals that I have. I am in process of bringing long term and short term goals.

If you have any questions you can email or call

Phone: (304) 809-6916