Four Treasures Found in Hardships

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. – C.S. Lewis

There is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to be learned from hardships. The main downfall to this is that no one really wants to have hardships in life just to walk away with knowledge and wisdom. We might catch ourselves asking questions like, “Lord, why do I need to go through this for you to show me what you need me to know. Can’t you just tell me?” The important thing to remember is that God doesn’t put us on trial to test our faith for His knowledge. God doesn’t need tests. He already knows how much faith you have. He does test your faith so that you will know just how much faith you have or how far you’ve come or need to go. Every trial of hardship has a purpose and the main purpose for all hardships is to equip you with the fruits to do what He called you to do, your destiny, so to speak. How does God use hardships to prepare us for His calling on our lives?

  1. Hardships bring us close to God
  2. Hardships are used to build and exercise our faith
  3. Hardships reveal the power of faith within us
  4. Hardships refine our character and polish us for His work

1. Hardships Bring Us Closer to God

All that God has ever wanted from human beings is a personal relationship based on love working both ways. God shows us what love is and we should return that love to him the way we learned it from Him. In times of hardship, sometimes the only Person that we have to turn to is God. God can truly teach us from this position in hardships and what we learn is that He is our sovereign Provider. He teaches us that He is never far from any of us.

2. Hardships Are Used to Build and Exercise Our Faith

What happens to a muscle that doesn’t get used? It gets atrophied and weak. God will not allow the muscle of our faith to get weak before He puts us through a trial. Like muscles, the more faith is exercised, the stronger and stronger it becomes. This strength is measured out for you during hard times so that you are aware of the power you possess in having faith in Christ. It isn’t God who needs to know of your faith, it’s you.

3. Hardships Reveal the Power of Faith Within Us

How do we know how much faith we really have? How can we tell? The best way is through hardships. Often times we make statements like “If such and such happens, I won’t be able to continue living”! While you may not continue living the same after the such and such of life happens, you will continue living on till God is through with you. Faith in Him during the hard times makes hardships and tragedies much easier to cope with for He will never leave you or forget you. When you have learned to deal with the hardship with the help of God, ask yourself how powerful your faith is now. You won’t be able to imagine going through hardships any other way than with God.

4. Hardships Refine Our Character and Polish Us for His Calling

The flesh of mankind is a literal barbarian if allowed to have full control. It wants what it wants when it wants it and how it wants it. If left to itself, it is greedy, unforgiving, lustful, and animal like. We often talk about having class and being true ladies and gentlemen. This can only happen by the work of patience. Patience and true class only comes by way of having faith and persevering hardships. How we handle those hardships changes us for either for the worse or better. If you want respect and true class, be patient in all things because when hardships come around we have no other option than to be patient.


Hardships are something absolutely nobody wants. We certainly do not wake up each morning with a prayer that says “Lord, make my life hard today”, or “Lord, let something bad happen”. We want to avoid hardships at all costs. Nonetheless, hardships are a part of the circle of life. There is no way to get around them. Use these times to draw near to God and to seek Him with all your heart. Persevere these hardships with patience and integrity. God most certainly has plans for you to some day lead a ministry of His choosing. By drawing near to God in the dark hours we become extraordinary men and women when the light shines.