Four (4) Marks of the Holy Spirit in You


Poor old Mark! He experienced a life-changing event by ending up in jail for drinking and driving. He decided enough was enough so he sought the Lord to change his ways. Mark wanted to really get to know the Lord, so he picked a church without reading the Word and became subject to their teachings. At first Mark felt greatly uncomfortable because some of the things the church approved of, outright disobeyed what He had read in the Bible. He became involved with the pastor and became his right hand man. He kept going to that church until his comfort was no longer an issue. He had become just like what he had heard. He thought He had the Spirit of God because he acted the way the church did, only to find out shortly after his death that he ultimately had missed the mark of the glory of God by not holding tight to Scripture and falling into false teachings and practices of emotions. This can happen to you if you don’t compare the teaching you receive from the church to the scripture.

So the question is do we have the true Spirit of God? Do you truly want the Spirit of God? If we have an imposter, we are liable to be dismissed from salvation and separated from God eternally. The problem is that we don’t study scripture like we should. If the spirit given at church matches the scripture, then you have God’s Spirit. So I have researched and interpreted two verses in 2 Tim. 1:7-8, which says,

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in the suffering for the gospel by the power of God,” (ESV)

If we are to ask ourselves, what are the signs within myself that I have the Holy Spirit? You should look to see if you are lead to be:

  1. Bold – in your testimony of how Christ saved you
  2. Loving on a new level – the Spirit of God is God and God is love
  3. Self-Disciplined, even in crisis – faith, endurance, patience, temperance, have your body in check
  4. Unashamed of the gospel – unashamed you are a Christian and unashamed of keeping company with Christians.

Let us grab a closer view of these four (4) attributes that assures us that God is living in us through the Holy Spirit.

We Have Boldness in our Witness

Pouring out our heart in giving our testimony of what Christ has done for us individually and corporately should come with power seen through our faithful testimony of love. We, as mature Christans, must know that feeling fear is a trick of Satan when the fear is associated with our testimony of Christ. The Spirit of God testifies to all believer’s hearts in any truth concerning Jesus in the power of Christ Himself. If the Spirit of God who dwells within you allows you access to Christ Himself through Him, then through the Holy Spirit we testify of the things of Christ.

We Have a New Level of Genuine Love

Most all human beings know what love is because they have felt it for someone. Love is an indescribable emotion that all of mankind universally has the potential to feel. In the New Testament gospels, Jesus shows us the type of love God is attributed with. Jesus, being God’s image in the flesh, shows God’s compassion, His mercy, His grace, and His immutable loving kindness toward man.

While we know what it feels like to love on the level of a human being, without God’s Spirit we cannot even fathom love on God’s level. When you begin to feel love in view of your enemies, those who despise and talk badly about you, and your gloating and boastful enemy, you will know God’s Spirit has indwelled you and lives in you because God has seen all of these types of hate from mankind, His prize creation.

We Have a New and Patient Self Discipline

In the flesh, mankind is more impatient than any other creation of God’s by far. We want what we want and we want it now, not tomorrow or next week, but now. Many folks who have not trained their self discipline by way of Godly patience, set themselves up to experience deep anger and resentment for those who are holding up our show. Without “perfect patience” having its “perfect work” in us, we cannot put our fleshly wants under our subjection.

Self discipline powered by Godly patience brings about the mature Christian embellished with the gift of wisdom. The Holy Spirit always wants us to put ourselves in subjection through patience to bring about Godly love and sincerity in the believer and seeks for our sakes to have us avoid the pitfalls of anger, resentment and revenge. That said, if we have seen a rise in the way of patience in our lives after we were saved, then this is a manifestation of the Spirit in you who will always work to bring about a discipline in you that subjects the will of self, the flesh.

We are Unashamed of the Gospel and its Testimony in Us

The day we were saved! What a glorious day it was and what a glorious time God had chosen us to take part in salvation. Do you remember what circumstances you were in when you chose Christ as your Lord and Savior? I bet you do! You remember much more than that. The day of your salvation, whether acknowledged or not, was the biggest day of your life.

If one truly believes Christ has saved them by faith only and if one truly believes in His second coming for the resurrection of the saints, then what need is there at all in being ashamed to present your testimony to all who will hear? There is no reason, on the contrary, it is shameful to resist the Holy Spirit and shrink into the shadows in an effort to avoid testifying on Jesus’ behalf. One of the main gifts of the Holy Spirit given to all believers is that of a powerful testimony of Christ’s salvation experience within us so that we might bring into the sheepfold those just like you and I once were. Look at Acts 1, and take special note of what Jesus told the apostles when He said that they will recieve the Holy Spirit not many days after His ascention. The Holy Spirit will manifest Himself outwardly by the power of your testimony of Christ and His salvation, showing for certain that He has made a home in you, inwardly.


In this small basic theological article, we addressed four evidences of the Holy Spirit working in you. While there are many more evidences such as manifestations of gifts, these four ways are always the same, from believer to believer. Some have gone off and created a doctrine saying that when the Spirit indwells you, you will speak in tongues and this and only this is a sign of you have the Spirit. This is a definitive heresy. The same groups like to say there are three steps in the total salvation process, two of which have to be completed before the Spirit of Christ will come into you. This is also heresy.

The truth is this very thing: the Holy Spirit comes in and dwells with you on the day and moment of your faith on Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. However, if one needs to know for certain that they have the Spirit, let them seek the four manifestations above as proof within themselves. My friends, I ask that you that you allow the Spirit His right to make you a brand new creation fit for eternal life by being bold in our testimonies of Christ, allowing love to draw us into a new level of maturity, being patient and committing the mind and body to discipline, and never being ashamed of the true saving gospel or of the ministers who attend to the matters of the gospel with diligence.

Grace and Peace be with you all given by both God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.