God is With You

Good morning to you this third day of December in the year 2018. I want to write a little piece of encouragement for the day so that we can all be strengthened together, both you and me.

I once thought that heaven was a place far off from earth and it was where God resided. I used to imagine Him sitting on the throne looking over earth almost if he were akin to Zues, the mythical Greek god. I could see him with His staff and such in a manner that resembled royalty. I came to find out this was all wrong. How?

In the general letter of James we find a scripture that says, in essence, that if we seek God we will find Him though He is not far off from any of us. You mean to say that God is not on a distant planet, James? No, he is not. He is right next to you searching your heart at this very moment hoping to find in there a heart that holds faith, love, and hope.

God is not limited by any flesh. He can be as big as He wants or as small as He wants. He can encompass the whole earth and search every heart at once and determine who loves Him. He sees you reading this post. Why not on this day, reach out to Him and say hello and welcome Him into your heart. He will show you just how close he really is …