Seven Revelations of the True Gospel Message: Overview

Series Overview

The Gospel message is not a complicated message. God designed it perfectly this way so that all who come to Him in humility may understand it. To have faith in the Gospel and have a good understanding of what it does plays a huge role in the growth and maturity of the Christian. This seven part article is written to help the Christian better understand why the Gospel message is so powerful.

The Gospel is very powerful. So powerful it gives life back to those who suffered death. This list of seven purposes of the Gospel is not by any means an exhaustive list but we will look at some of the major purposes and accomplishments of the message. The Gospel message reveals:

  1. We are all guilty of sin
  2. God’s extreme righteousness
  3. Our need for a Savior
  4. How to be saved
  5. The benefits of salvation
  6. The alternative to obtaining salvation
  7. There is only one Way to be saved

This series will be presented one time per week for seven weeks each matching the purposes above. The suggested day of release will be each Saturday.

I am very hopeful that I can keep my expected dates of publishing each article. This series is a part of a book in work called “The Essential Christian” which is a starter kit for new Christians. Thank you for your time.