Marv’s Meditations

Sunday, 21 Oct. 2018

Series: God’s Love, #1 of 3

Scripture: Ex. 34:6-7

… The LORD — the LORD is a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in faithful love and truth, maintaining faithful love to a thousand generations, forgiving iniquity, rebellion, and sin …” (CSB)


There are some beautiful observations in today’s scripture. This first of three devotionals on the love of God is the most revealing of God’s attribute of compassion and mercy. Any type of compassion and mercy shown on a scale of atoning and substitutionary death is fueled by a love only God could have. Here are some of today’s observations:

  • Our God is compassionate
  • Our God is gracious
  • Our God is slow to anger
  • Our God abounds in faithful love
  • Our God eternally maintains his faithful love
  • Our God forgives iniquity
  • Our God forgives rebellion
  • Our God forgives sin in its ugly whole

There are eight (8) total observations in today’s scripture. Let’s apply them to our lives today and pray.



Compassion is one of the attributes of God pushed by His unfailing love. God shows more than genuine concern for mankind and now that His Son died on the cross, God has great sympathy toward us. Why wouldn’t He show compassion toward man? We are His prize creation, the only creation to have His breath physically blown into our bodies. In that way, we ought to show Godly compassion to each other. Those of us who have matured in Christ can show genuine sympathy because most likely we have been in a similar situation like the one we are showing compassion too.

Slow to Anger

God chose to be a God with unlimited forbearance. That’s really great news on the behalf of mankind because we absolutely cannot stop missing His mark. God has a temperament that is on an even keel. Yes, He does anger, eventually. No one creature wants to push their maker that far. Let us relish in the fact that God’s unfailing love is the reason for His forbearance. I can’t stress enough how important it is when speaking of God’s love to speak about how we are to genuinely mimic His Godly ways. We can all shove our anger aside for the sake of love.

Faithful Love

This attribute of God is the attribute that pushes all goodness we receive as men. His grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and many more stem from this one truth: God loves you! He doesn’t just love you until you fail Him again, He loves you whole hearted and completely. His love is immutable. It will never change. If you were the only One who would receive salvation from Jesus work on the cross, then God would’ve still sent Him to save just you. That’s a God we can trust!


God is very forgiving and full of second chances. Isn’t it amazing how we miss His glory mark everyday, yet He keeps forgiving us when we ask? He will always forgive you and rebuild you when you ask. His forgiveness only works for the heart that sincerely asks. This is righteous because God doesn’t have to forgive anything, whether you ask or not, but He always chooses to out of His love for His creation. Let us walk Godly and be forgiving as well. Forgiveness helps you to rid yourself of harbored anger which if not addressed can lead to more sin.


Father, we come to you in Jesus name exploring your love for us. Today Lord, please bless those who read this with your love shown to them. Let your love exist deeply in the heart in a place where the enemy has no reign. Lord, let us take time to be as you are by following Your Spirit daily and studying the Word, if not for just a little at a time. We know you love us and God, we love you. Thank you for Jesus Christ, for it is in His name we pray, Amen!