Daily Devotional – Saturday, Oct. 13 – Series: Spiritual Freedom, #3 of 4

Scripture: Romans 8:1, 2

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death(ESV)


In this third devotional out of four (4) in the Spiritual Freedom Series, we observe what the benefits of being in Christ by faith. There are four (4) points we are going to observe and apply to our lives. They are listed below:

  • There is no condemnation at all from God if you are in Jesus Christ by faith.
  • There is a new law we must attend to, the Spirit of Life
  • There was an old law that made our flesh weak by sin which leads to death.

Let us look at these four (4) observations in the light of our faith and God’s mercy and grace.

No Condemnation at All

The simple truth that many Christians find hard to believe is that by our faith in Jesus Christ and His resurrection, God does not condemn us at all from our sin. When God looks at us, He sees Christ, His Holy and all righteous Son. He doesn’t see our wrongdoings. We are covered by the blood of Christ and we stand in Christ’s huge shadow where God has no condemnation. If by faith we are in Christ, and if God were to condemn us of our sin, then He would be condemning Christ, His own Son after He died for us. This is definitely NOT the case. God sees Christ being formed in us by the Spirit of Life and because He condemned His Son to die for our sin we are set free by faith in Him.

There was an Old Law

We are going to view these next two out of order to each other for the purpose of explanation. There was an Old Law. What Law is being considered old by Paul here? It is the law of commandments and ceremonies, the Law of the Old Testament. This law, by the commanding of us to fulfill it, broke us and because it weakened our flesh. Let me explain. When someone tells you that you WILL do something because it is written that you HAVE TO, doesn’t that bring out the pride of mankind who will say, I dont have to do anything? How many people drive 70 mph when the law is 65 mph? Sometimes we do it just because somebody said we can’t.

The New Law

By your faith in Jesus Christ the Old Law of the Old Testament now has no hold on you to observe it anymore. You are set free! By faith, God gives you the Holy Spirit which indwells in you as a part of you. You recieve him immediately when you are saved. He now is your law written on your very own heart. No more do you do things just because you are ordered not to, you now do things in accordance with yourself and the Spirit’s personal guidance. You are held to do good works of love by Him, who tells you how to act in every given situation. He is a law because if you sin, you break your own heart. Thank God for Christ and the Holy Spirit.


In order to correctly apply this knowledge to our hearts, we need to understand how God’s mercy and grace are infinite on the true believer. The true believer, by the shear ackowledgment of what Jesus did on the cross, praises God and gives thanks to God in a deep and God loving heart. This entices the Holy Spirit to speak to us in every situation. It is up to us to follow His lead. The rewards are far greater than the heartbreak you recieve by not following Him. So, today, let us praise God for Christ and follow Him who will raise us from the dead just as He did Christ (Rom. 8:11)


Heavenly Father, we know we fall short of meeting your glory. We fell short a long time ago. We want to thank you so much for sending Jesus Christ to take our place on the cross, to pay for our errors and to shed the blood that should’ve been ours. We give you true spiritual praise for this. Lord God, let us learn to follow the Holy Spirit’s direction so we can be at peace with ourselves. We know that by faith, He is a part of us. Let us continually remember these things and slways keep our brethren in heart and mind. We love you God, in Jesus name we pray, Amen!