I would like to share with my followers some upcoming articles and sermons that I will be publishing in the near future. These articles are really good so don’t miss out on them.

Five Revealing Names Concerning Satan’s Character and Agenda

This article looks at the names given to Satan that helps us explore what he is all about and gives us a line of intelligence against his attacks.

Publish Date: Friday, 12 Oct. 2018 @ 5 PM

Sermon Manuscript: Have Faith? You ARE Saved

This is the full message of eternal security of the believer that I preached on my podcast.

Publish Date: Sunday, 14 Oct. 2018 @ 11 AM

Essential Bible Studies 2: Old Testament Introduction

The article entails an inteoduction to Old Testament studies on a basic level written for those who know little or nothing about the Bible.

Publish Date: Monday, Oct. 15 2018 @ 5 PM

Please don’t miss these upcoming articles and sermons. May God bless you through them.

And don’t forget, I write a devotional each day for our (yours and mine) spiritual growth.

~M.S. Cox, Jr.