Daily Devotional – Wednesday, 10 Oct. 2018 – Series: Spiritual Freedom, #1 of 4

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:16

Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover up for evil, but living as servants of God.” (ESV)


Freedom! What does being free in Christ actually mean? It means you are set free from the commandments and ceremonies of the Old Testament. We are set free from the commandments? The 10 commandnments? Yes, as a way to gain salvation we are free from the commandments. We rely solely on faith in Jesus Christ for our salvation and any work of the law fails to count toward pleasing God. That is freedom!

Let us observe what the Apostle Peter wrote in today’s scripture. First, Peter wants us to live as people who have just gained their freedom. Imagine being held physically captive in chains for years, and someone comes along and breaks the chains and sets you free. How would you react? How would you feel toward the one who released you?

Secondly, the Apostle Peter tells us that we should not use this freedom as a cover-up for evil. Let’s go back to our story. The man has just set you free by breaking chains that held you captive for years and now you are able to do whatever you want in the world. What do you do now? You notice that the man that freed you was fatily injured while breaking your chains. How do you feel about him now? How about your actions toward others? How are you now gonna live?

Finally, Peter sums up his whole reason for writing this verse. He wants us to live as servants to God. Let us finish our little illustration here. You are now absolutely free. You have two ways you can go. Two different ways to walk. Which one will you serve with your life? Do you want to show your thankfulness to the man who gave his life to save yours and allowed you to now be totally free? Or do you walk away from him, forget the whole thing happened, and start doing exactly what you did to get put in those chains to begin with?


Of course you have now made a relation to the scenario set forth by the illustration to that which Jesus did for you. How do we answer the questions that were posed? Peter in this scripture shows us that he really wants us to serve God with our new found freedom we have gained through Christ. So does Paul and the other apostles. And the truth is, why wouldn’t we? Do we really want to go back to the same things after Christ died to set us free? We need to answer these questions because if we don’t take an assessment of what we are going to do with our freedom then sour behavior will begin to steadily take over and before you know it, you will have ended up in the same place you started, faith all but diminished, and making Jesus’ death worth nothing in your life.


Heavenly Father, we come today with a decision on our mind. We have been set free from the shackles of sin because Jesus Christ took them away from us and carried them to His death on a cross. He truly has set us free. Lord, we pray we always show our thankfulness and serve you that we may see that “Man” someday who gave the ultimate sacrifice to break our chains. Lord, we ask this day that you help us make use of our freedom in the best way, always serving you who sent us that “Man”. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.